The Construction Industry is busy building new structures and renovating and re-purposing existing structures in Central Arkansas. EXCEL is all about students solving real problems, with real tools (used by real professionals), being mentored by real employers, leading to real contributions in the professional arena. This class provides the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the construction industry in safety, basics of construction, framing, and reading building plans, and wide array of construction-related occupations. Students will visit and complete internships at local construction projects to learn basics of building construction.

IT Solution

Develop the professional and technical skills and knowledge required to forge forward in exploring all areas of technology. Discover a vast array of specialty areas available in technology careers where professionals utilize technology to solve business problems and design products. Immerse yourself in a professional environment while you tackle and solve real-world problems. Explore the following areas as they relate to PC's and mobile devices: software engineering, web development, operating systems, hardware technologies, network design/technologies, management information systems and emerging technologies. Students will have mentors and work on client-based projects.

Medical and Health Professions

Exploring Health Professions is a course which will help you discern your interest in the profession and guide you towards the right specialty. You will establish a base of understanding and then spend time observing professionals in a variety of work settings including hospitals, clinics, labs, nursing facilities and veterinary clinics. These job-shadowing experiences combined with classroom instruction will enhance your knowledge and skills related to occupational safety, HIPPA regulations and other essential healthcare practices.

Teacher Cadet

This introductory course will immerse students in up-to-date educational technology and will incorporate cutting-edge skills into every aspect of observation and course work. students will study educational pedagogy as the basis for the profession and will experience the true essence of the teacher-classroom experience. This course is similar to a pre-lab or student teaching experience that allows students to focus on at least one subject area or grade level for in-depth study and project-based learning. Students will take what they learned in the introductory course and apply it in a real-life, hands-on relationship among teaching peers, students and administration. This course allows students to explore education technology through the latest research and provides them the opportunity to work with teachers and students to leverage the power of technology in education.